New England Network

Brockton Champion High School, Brockton, Massachusetts Brockton Champion High School (Champion) opened in 1998 as the first school based on the Diploma Plus model. Champion was started in collaboration with Brockton Public Schools and MY TURN, a community-based organization in Brockton, MA offering school-to-career and college transition programs. For its first 10 years, Champion operated as a "Horace Mann" Charter School under a state-granted charter within the local school district.  In 2008 Champion joined Brockton Public Schools as a fully district-operated high school.  Champion serves approximately 100 students who are considered youth placed-at-risk or are returning to school after leaving. Champion offers a completely competency-based promotion and graduation structure, in which students’ progress through the three Diploma Plus phases at their own pace. (Brockton Public Schools Website) (Diploma Plus School Website)

Charlestown High School Diploma Plus Small Learning Community (DPSLC), Boston, Massachusetts Diploma Plus Small Learning Community,the newest member of the New England Diploma Plus network opened in Fall 2009 as a small program within Boston Public Schools’ Charlestown High School.  At full capacity the school will serve 180-200 students who have experienced limited success in the larger Charlestown High School community.  DPSLC implements a new approach of creating a small community within the larger high school opposed to sending students who are not successful in the high school to an outside school or program

E-Cubed Academy, Providence, Rhode Island Educational Excellence through Empowerment (E3) Academy opened as a small high school in September 2004 under the direction of the Providence Public School district. E3 has grown to become the largest Diploma Plus School serving approximately 400 students in the equivalent of grades 9-12 (including rising 9th graders who have not yet experienced high school). Students and teachers at E3 are divided into teams, which teach interdisciplinary curricula mapped to Rhode Island state content standards. E3 strives to prepare their youth for a 21st century by teaching technology through the use of electronic portfolios and engaging students in community action projects.  (Diploma Plus School Website)   (Providence Schools Website)

Lawrence High School Learning Center (LHSLC), Lawrence, Massachusetts Lawrence High School Learning Center (LHSLC) Diploma Plus is a small alternative high school for students who have not met with success in the larger Lawrence High School traditional campus. LHSLC, which is co-located with the district's Adult Learning Center and Newly-Arrived Program, opened in September 2003 as a two-year program and expanded in 2008 into a full high school. It currently serves 125 students with a large population of students whose first language is not English and is expected to grow to support a student population of 200-250.  Students begin a three-year sequence of instruction in the Foundation level and are promoted through the Presentation and Plus Phases after completing specific course work and a portfolio aligned to the competencies and district standards. Students graduating from the program are awarded a Lawrence High School diploma.

Affiliate Sites

Berkshire Arts and Technology Charter Public School (BArT), Adams, Massachusetts The Berkshire Arts & Technology Charter Public School (BArT) opened its doors in September 2004 as a member of the Diploma Plus Network. BArT integrates the study of arts and technology with core subjects to promote mastery of academic skills, content, and competencies in order to prepare its middle and high school students for college and help them develop into independent thinkers, dynamic workers and active citizens for life. The school provides approximately 250 students in grades 6-12 from Northern Berkshire County (in Western Massachusetts) with an intellectual community that regards everyone, including teachers and parents, as perpetual learners.

Boston Adult Technical Academy (BATA), Boston, Massachusetts The Boston Adult Technical Academy, established in the fall of 1999 as an alternative high school within the Boston Public School district, is an afternoon and evening program for approximately 250-300 young adults in Boston (aged 18-22) who want to earn a high school diploma.  Aside from serving an older high school population, BATA is unique because most of its students are newcomers to the United States and/or are English language learners.  BATA’s teaching and learning community emphasizes both celebration of diverse cultures and increasing literacy for students mastering English.

Early College High School (ECHS), Holyoke, Massachusetts Early College High School (ECHS) is a collaboration of the Springfield Public Schools and Holyoke Community College. ECHS opened in the 2004-05 school year and evolved from an earlier one-year program called “Another Route to College” into a two-year format serving 70-80 students in their junior or senior year of high school. ECHS is one of eight alternative or “S.A.F.E.” schools within the SPS district.  ECHS places an emphasis on postsecondary education through offering dual enrollment courses and experiencing life on a college campus.